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We prioritize native app development for all major mobile OS platforms that ensure to deliver a unique user experience within a powerful, robust and fully-defined product.

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Designs that Evoke Emotions

We want to build products that solve real problems, create designs that change peoples’ lives and communicate with all other stakeholders on a higher level. At Ellora Social, a mobile app design goes above and beyond than building features and functionality. We design effortless, intuitive, immersive mobile apps that are simple and functional to use.

App Design Services

Design that Inspires User with Every Touch, Tap & Scroll

We are here to understand & closely collaborate with our partners to help design and develop their brands’ vision that inspires and excites audiences to join your cause.

Native App Design

Our approach is to design and develop natively to fully integrate into the specific platform and operating system. What's more, native apps look and feel great and operate very well, which leads to better user experience, customer satisfaction, and retention rates.

Scalable Universal Apps

We design and develop highly scalable code that natively optimizes to work on a family of devices. From smartphones to tablets, our apps work securely and seamlessly that delight your customers.

API Integration

We help develop a custom API that focuses on placing resources in a modular, explorable and extendible way. It would thus allow us to optimize communicating our decisions and priorities effectively. This constant collaboration between app developers and the backend also ensures that roadblocks can be avoided and your app is entirely flexible and customized from the ground up.

Pre-Launch & Marketing

Your app is now a reality; we then make headway with building brand awareness and product visibility. This stage further graduates to marketing, acquisition and retainment strategy that is instrumental in optimizing your app's performance.

What our Clients are Saying

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Why Choose
Ellora Social?

Ellora Social is your dedicated app design, development and marketing team. Whether you are looking to scale your app or establish a successful growth blueprint from launch, our holistic data-led approach ensures your apps’ success. Our clients select us to help them with tough challenges, and Ellora Social exists to push these digital innovations.

"When it comes to design and development, we strive to make products that drive change by using the very latest technology. We are at the digital forefront because of our great ability to solve problems which creates beautiful easy-to-use mobile experiences that simply consumers' lives."
Goldy Raghunath
Managing Partner at Ellora Social

With such a competitive market for mobile app design and development, we like to distinguish ourselves through our attention to design and design thinking.

Why? Because we believe that the best products and experiences are built with the design first.

You might have the best, most unique idea for a new mobile app – – but if you work with a design and development team who doesn’t know how to bring your vision to life properly – you run the risk of releasing an app that falls flat on the expectations.

App Design Process

Discover, Ideate, Design & Develop

From award-winning web and mobile apps to fast and scalable development, we design and develop apps that meet users’ needs and businesses’ goals. Our tech experts team is committed to getting your mobile app to achieve its mission with our process that goes beyond just delivering code.

1. Discovery

We start the mobile design process with our Discover workshops. In this phase, we are articulated to build a shared understanding of the problem you're trying to solve, user research and work finished to date. The main purpose of this step is to ensure all parties are aligned together as regards to desired outcomes, technical architecture, and a project plan is put in place that meets everyone's expectations.

2. User Experience

Mobile UX is tricky. At Ellora Social, we value every micro-interaction and strive to provide our users with a pleasant journey. Our team of IA and UX designers take data, insights and business requirements into account to evaluate the quality of user experience to make your mobile app intuitive and easy to use. We then highlight business objectives to steer the project in the right direction and get tangible results. We know that testing (and re-testing) helps us find and fix any potential UX improvements before the app is released to the app store. When it comes to user experience, we know the burden shouldn't be on the user -- it is on us creative problem-solvers to give an optimal mobile app design that is all about personalized communication, a friendly voice and intuitive interaction.

3. Design

Our design team creates an exceptional overall digital aesthetic for your brand. We provide a full breakdown of your product from the user research, discovery and define stages to inform wireframes and high-fidelity designs which gives a sophisticated, finalized version of the finished product.

4. Development

For building a world-class mobile app, you need a proven mobile developer you can trust to deliver. Our development team provides custom, avant-garde coding standards, ensuring your product is optimized for favorable search results for all screen sizes and platforms.

5. Quality Assurance

Before we take your app live, we test it for bugs, security and performance testing, mobile, web and API test automation -- covering all potential exploits. We want to be 100% confident your mobile app is functioning at top performance levels, and nothing will fall through the cracks before its launch.

6. Release in Apple Store & Google Play

Our marketing team will help with launching the app and prepping any necessary material. After that is done, we move forward with a long-term strategy that involves getting qualified customers, growing lifetime loyalty, and ensuring a high return on investment by closely monitoring available metrics. We deploy a winning combination of technology and experience to get your app noticed.

Ellora Social Difference

How We're Different

It is an open secret that the shelf life on a mobile app is short. With so much competition scrambling for attention, users have no time (or space) to waste on an app they don’t like or know they won’t use.

That is why we understand how the first-time user experience is such an important part of retaining users. We give new app users a simple experience that seamlessly delivers quick value and doesn’t require a user manual.

That is why we understand how the first-time user experience is such an important part of retaining users. We give new app users a simple experience that seamlessly delivers quick value and doesn’t require a user manual.

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Ellora Social is your trusted partner to a pixel-perfect mobile app design. Our design team combines design experiences that are intuitive as they are engaging. We produce beautifully designed world-class websites that your users will love.

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