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How To Measure Instagram Stories Analytics That Are Most Significant

  Instagram Stories may be momentary, but that doesn’t mean measuring them is of no real value. More than 500 million active accounts interact with Stories daily, and Instagram Stories…

Top Instagram Stats That Every Marketer Must Know To Succeed In 2019

Top Instagram Stats That Every Marketer Must Know To Succeed In 2019

Want to brush up on your Instagram stats? Do you want to achieve greater marketing success? If you weren’t already aware, currently Instagram is one of the biggest social media…

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Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Digital Marketing

The application of using artificial intelligence in digital marketing has already become a mainstay in this expansive industry. While earlier in the past there was some hesitation amongst marketers to…

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7 Best Prototyping Tools UX/UI Designers Must Know About

The design world is dynamic and is abundant with various prototyping tools. But with so much noise in this field, there’s guesswork, there’s theory and then there is some actual…

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How Chatbots are Successfully Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere these days. With the rise of new technology and innovation, artificial intelligence is fundamentally challenging the traditional work system. Today, with various smart devices, self-driving…

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Marketing & SEO

10 Backlink Checker Tools You Should Know As An SEO Expert In 2018

Finally, you have got a stunning website but the problem is you’re having a difficult time deciding which is the best backlink checker tool that you must use to raise…

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Marketing & SEO

The Essential Guide To Build Backlinks in 2018

What are backlinks? A “backlink” is one of the most ubiquitously used terms in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO). Backlinks also called as “inbound links” or “income links”…

Marketing & SEO

7 Proven Methods For Promoting Your Blog After You Hit Publish

So you’ve done a fabulous job of writing an amazing blog post. With a lot of in-depth researching, you’ve finally published the blog on your website. Kudos to you! Now…

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Marketing & SEO

10 Amazing Tips You Must Know Before Publishing Any Blog

So you have a website and want to start a blog? Nowadays, it’s fairly simple to create a blog. Blogging can be used as a great marketing tool and with…