Ellora Social Brand Guidelines

This guide is a work in progress that represents our culture, personality, voice, and the visual identity of our brand and the people behind it.


Our story, color schemes and type. All the real heart and soul that makes our brand essence.

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The nitty-gritty fundamentals that guide the way we talk, write and interact with others.

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Design Philosophy

The way we think, understand, make the connection when designing distinctive experiences.

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Learn the appropriate ways to use our brand marks logos, and download logos.

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Analog is Amazing

Shut the laptop and walk away, but not before grabbing a pen and a few scraps of paper.

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Our Name

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Writing Use Case

Guidelines for writing all sorts of things like a bona fide “Ellora Socialite.”

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Write for Humans

How to write for humans that sounds like it’s for humans but will also be equally appealing to the Google bots.

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Things to Avoid

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Best brands are built on great stories

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