CSR Policy

Our Founder, Sanchita, grew up on a large farm and coming from an agricultural family farms prepared her for values for the rest of her life. The most impact that made on her was responsibility and compassion for animals.


When we founded Ellora Social, we as a team were very clear that we would serve and give back to the society in multiple amounts of what we borrow. And we all being an environmentalist squad asked one question: If you could do anything, what would you do?” The answer came instantly, “Do something for the elephants.” (it's elephant obsession is obvious from our website 🐘)


For us supporting elephants is natural filament with our brand and even our logo is an elephant. We want that our support should help awareness and action towards the protection of these mighty animal species. Our small contribution can help to maintain the ecological balance and preserve India's national resources.


Ellora Social Pte. Ltd. in association with WWF-India is working towards the mission of elephant conservation and protecting elephant habitats. Our annual 2 percent profits will be thus aptly used for setting up low-cost solar fences around villages and electric fencing around agricultural fields by WWF-India in the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.


Our services are based on values of fairness, transparency and reliability. Honesty, sincerity, confidence and service are four principles around which Ellora Social's operations revolve.


With these bearings in mind, we are acting now, before it's too late. Many factors threaten the very existence of the Asian elephant among the most harmful and rapidly spreading are mining for water and materials, train traffic, palm oil cultivation, and ivory commerce. It seems that in every direction the elephant has nowhere to turn. Indeed their predicament is dire and we will never shy from providing our best efforts to protect this beautiful species.

That said, there is an ever-growing number of individuals, campaigns, and organizations rising up on behalf of the Asian elephant and Nature as a whole. Time will tell but our actions will write the story. We are hopeful our efforts will have an impact in saving our elephants and inspire others to join the mission.