We understand that for a great brand story, success is not a coincidence, it’s designed. Effective design should look not only beautiful but also be helpful, easy-to-use, and optimized.

Design Agency

Meticulously Designed

We take pride in all our designs. Everything is meticulously designed in a manner that engages your audience and brings them closer to you.

Design Agency Solutions

A symphony of simplicity, clarity, and functionality

Our designs must not just look beautiful, but they must also function beautifully. A great design should be simple and consistent such that a person from anywhere on the planet can make it work without instructions.

App Design

We are here to comprehend all aspects of your business, help build and design web apps that facilitate achieving your business goals, solve problems, and turn your platform into a beautiful user experience.

Website Design

Our goal is to design a visually stunning web experience that empowers users and delivers the best results for every brand we work with. We consistently challenge ourselves to create unique websites that are best suited to your needs.

Traditional Design

Ellora Social is a 360° digital marketing agency, and our designs are not just limited to digital screens. We can even deliver fully integrated campaigns that leverage traditional mediums like newspapers, magazines, billboards, and posters.

Experience Design

Many a times, we are tasked to bring digital into the physical world. Our team of professional designers design experiences with human-centered thinking. Whether it's out-of-home, digital/physical experiences, events, signage, or sculptures, we help you develop a competitive advantage by building memorable experiences.

Design Services

Our approach to great design

Research & Discovery

Every design project begins with an in-depth research and discovery phase. Here we gather all the necessary information about your company, understand the target market, study your competitors, recognize the challenges, expected goals, and more.

User Experience Design

After the research and discovery, our next stage is to align our findings with sketches, wireframes, mockups, and user flows to make a functional design that achieves end-user satisfaction.

User Interface Design

We move forward our design process through user interface design, where we analyze detailed specifications like colors, themes, styles, guidelines, and icons to streamline navigation. We also define a simple and intuitive content hierarchy and enhance the overall brand aesthetic.

Art Direction

The visual experience is key to setting the overall aesthetic of the brand. It also sets the intent and emotion of any digital, print, or live experience. Our art directors help brands implement the concept through photography, video, color, and typographic treatment.


Working with the right design partner is not the final objective; you also need an equally effective production partner with the know-how to deliver an efficient, cost-productive, and pixel-perfect design to the development team.

Launch & Evaluate

To ensure everything we designed is optimized and evaluated to give the best results, we fully embrace the "Design, Test, Fix, Optimize, and Repeat," process to confirm we deliver excellent results for our clients.

The Importance of Good Design

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We are passionate storytellers with a knack for incorporating compelling visual designs, innovation, creative ideas, and execution that all together create a beautiful experience. If you are looking to discuss design possibilities, call or send us an email to get started.