How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting Digital Marketing

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The application of using artificial intelligence in digital marketing has already become a mainstay in this expansive industry. While earlier in the past there was some hesitation amongst marketers to incorporate marketing strategies using artificial intelligence, the path-breaking advancement in the technology made by AI, we must say the world has come a long way.

The certain rise of AI in marketing have changed the outlook of many companies on executing their marketing. Now more companies are adopting a data-centric attitude to meet the growing demands for an efficient digital marketing.

Nonetheless, there needs to be a clear accord on what kind of information will AI bring to marketing. To exactly understand this, we must identify with the extent of disruption that AI will shoulder upon to marketing in 2019 and how marketers can adapt to these new technologies and be compatible in their profession.


What role does Artificial Intelligence play in Digital Marketing?


As marketing batches shrink, we need to be resourceful on how we spend our money on the marketing budgets. AI will step in every single role of digital marketing and help companies save huge amounts of money. AI has been a trending topic for a while now and has been garnering popularity in various fields, and digital marketing is one of it. With the technological and data-driven shift taking place in digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence is acting as a catalyst.

At Ellora Social, as a new-age agency, we are already implementing AI technology in digital marketing. With that in mind, we have compiled some of the hottest emerging AI trends that will define the range of digital marketing in months and years to come and how companies can fit it for their marketing strategies.


Understanding Trends


Using AI, we take a look at trends of where marketing works and where our audiences have given us a really clear understanding of where we should be spending our money to drive the business result. In just trial process, we were able to analyze that companies can save about 50% of their spend while getting the same result.


Forecasting Sales


Digital marketing is a forever fluctuating space which feeds on volatility. A negative fluctuation can cause way too many changes for businesses. Along these lines, where online reputation is critically important for brands, many companies like Netflix, Amazon, Uber are already using AI in various innovative ways to advance their business. AI algorithms are now being leveraged to help your sales team sell more.


SEO and A/B Testing


As marketers, we breathe SEO, but we also know the time and efforts that go into building a sound SEO strategy to get good results. Luckily, we have AI and Machine Learning to help us in this complex process. We can now test marketing strategies or different changes to a website’s structure in minutes.

Machine Learning is directly influencing the site’s visibility at present times and its influence will increase later on.

A Machine Learning algorithm called RankBrain (Banklinko’s extremely useful guide to Google’s RankBrain) is currently Google’s most important ranking signal.

Earlier Google’s developers monitored search results and changed algorithms to more likely suit the search needs. The SEO-experts then tried to reverse-engineer each algorithm change and thus get a better position for their content.

With RankBrain at the helm, it’s impossible for a human to know why a content is ranked up or down. As with the changes based on the user behaviour algorithms will be updated and tested accordingly.

As a result of this update, traditional SEO activities like keyword lists and backlinks will lose its importance. The most important ranking signals will be related to the user activity such as –

  • Time on page
  • Scroll depth
  • Bounce rate
  • Pogo sticking

Any indicator that shows how much the user found your content valuable is now regarded as an SEO indicator. Thus, the SEO-experts and the content creators have to work in-sync with each other to make sure that their content meets a specific search need, addresses a specific audience and is compelling enough to read.

SEO experts should focus on structuring data, applying schema, optimize content for voice search and implementing AMP. You might wonder, why am I emphasizing so much on the above focus areas, right? Well, that’s because they’re all perfect candidates for automation. SEO experts of the future will be feeding data into their own AI and will use to apply these ranking factors to scale the content. Click To Tweet


AI and Chatbots


While most marketing professionals understand that AI is about to revolutionize the state of marketing but they aren’t exactly confident about the next steps necessary for execution. And thus to start in the right direction of AI, one of the simplest ways is to onset it with chatbots.

Chatbots create more informed customers. This can be gauged from the fact that the majority of social media traffic spend time on private messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat. According to Buffer’s annual Social Media Report: 2018, more people are using top four social messaging channels (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and Viber) than the top four social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn). Now that’s an engagement opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Furthermore, chatbots make it extremely easier to manage and better your customer service efforts. It also appeals to millennials, the largest purchasing group (who prefer multiple methods of communicating with the businesses) – particularly the ways that save them the trouble of getting on the phone.

The huge benefit that artificial intelligence provides is that of personalization via chatbots. Many businesses are using AI to gather more in-depth information about their client personal. For example, the best of music apps can gather data based on your music history and discern details as per your musical taste, listening history, genre choices, etc. And to achieve this level of personalization it’s not necessary that your business has to be into tech or app development services. The technology is readily accessible and there are many ways to take advantage of it. The present-day businesses are launching app components for this exact reason.


Social Media


We all know the impact of social media in digital marketing and as marketers, we leave no stone unturned while creating social media campaigns that will provide blockbuster results. For delivering the social success do you scour for comments on the pages to engage with so you can become more familiar with the aspirations of our followers and subscribers and solve problems before they escalate? Research which hashtags would bring more likes? Which colour schemes work best?

Well, the list can be endless.

So are you ready to find the answer to all these frequently asked questions? I heard you… the answer is ‘Deep Learning’. With more than 800 million users logging in and generating massive amounts of unstructured data every day, deep learning technology allows the website to deliver a more personalized experience for the user. Facebook is already leading the pack here by joining the AI bandwagon. It continues to develop programs that make it easier for users to discover other users, content and pages that’ll be of interest to them. Click To Tweet




Artificial Intelligence is still in the elementary days and has already sparked a revolution in the digital marketing industry. By this time it has proved it’s calibre in a number of innovative cases – for example, content creation, and is becoming a practicable contender with humans on the same level of creativity.

As AI technology continues to make progress, marketers will have the special opportunity to connect with their customers on a more meaningful and deeper level than before. Furthermore, as AI makes inroads in coming times – it will become a matter-of-course technology – meaning now is the perfect time for marketers to think of novel ways to use artificial intelligence into their marketing efforts.



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