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Ellora Social is your key partner to get delightful and engaging web design. With keen attention to detail, we construct each building block of your website that delivers measurable results (leads and sales).

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Visual Storytelling

In today’s age of information overload, we’ve always been fascinated with the concept of visual storytelling that simplifies content-heavy communication in a progressive story format. There’s a gratifying challenge that comes from creating a great website with a great design that can resonate with your users through minimal aesthetics.

Website Design Services

Attractive & Functional Design

Our goal is to deliver an innovative, attractive and functional web experience that not just elevates the inline presence of your brand but also brings you closer to your targeted audience. We continuously challenge ourselves to always deliver something new, something that provides an immersive journey, and something that gets results.

Branded Content

We live in fast-changing times for branding, marketing and advertising. As a growing number of audiences use recording devices that let us skip TV commercials along with ad-blocking software online, how does a brand then get its message across?

To make a good impression, your brand needs to develop unique branded content that involves great brand storytelling which helps in generating brand notoriety and value for the consumers.

Responsive Design

We design elegant, engaging, full-screen experiences, all from a mobile-first approach. Our process utilizes fluid, responsive web design that changes to fit any device or screen size. We make beautiful and functional websites that can deliver the same core content experience across any and all devices.

E-commerce Website Design

From small business to enterprise, we design and develop eCommerce solutions that convert. Our experienced team of web architects and digital strategists help you build an online shopping platform catered around you and your business needs. Whether you already have an online store or are starting from scratch, we can take on any eCommerce challenge to create a solution that's effective for your company's long-term growth.

Content Management System Design

Our CMS platforms are custom designed and developed to fully integrate into your website that transcends into a successful online presence. Our goal is to create a seamless digital experience platform that unifies channels, campaigns, visitor information, commerce and performance measurement into one integrated marketing toolset. We give you a web CMS that is not just robust and scalable but also flexible than ever before.

What our Clients are Saying

Website Design Company

Why Choose Ellora Social?

At Ellora Social, we have the best-in-class design team comprised of top specialists in technology, business, copywriting, digital marketing, UI/UX and many other disciplines. Ellora Social works with SMBs, big brands and brave hearts with extraordinary ideas. We add a singular focus on quality when it comes to our work.

"As the use of digital technology has had a long stretch of rapid growth, a more mobile-centric CX is a priority and the next logical step. Just being mobile-conscious is not enough. There's a fine balance between mobile marketing and driving CX through innovation, connectivity, personalization, data privacy and security, which we handle very well."
Ross Settles Jr.
Managing Partner

At Ellora Social, we have one purpose — to build beautiful, high-performing websites that generate leads. We do this by collaborating with you to create a smooth experience and a visual extension of your brand that keeps users interested and continually draws them back.

Website Design Process

Web design that's out of the ordinary

From startups to Fortune 500, we partner with brands of all sizes to deliver professional website design and user experience. No matter what the ask, our web design process allows us to discover, analyze, create, and develop tailored solutions that empower our clients’ business.

1. Information Gathering & Discovery

Before we define any context, we need to understand the website's overall goal. Once we know the site's purpose, we then need to discover the scope of the project by providing a full analysis of what web pages and features the site requires, content creation with search engine optimization, competitor analysis, consumer persona and proper channels to engage in. This process will then lay the blueprint for strategy and plan to achieve our website goals.

2. User Experience

After our research gave us a clearly defined goal for the new website, we then go ahead with the information architecture and UX design phase. Here our team optimizes your website's structure, content, and user flows to make your product intuitive and easy to use. We also provide solutions to better meet business goals that create compelling and memorable user experiences that actually matter. We rigorously test many different user experience elements before your site goes live to ensure its functionality and remove any ambiguity about how certain features or elements will behave in a dynamic site.

3. Design

With the site architecture and some content in place, our design team starts working on your brand's digital visual aesthetic. We provide you with a full exploration of your product, including an overall treatment for image and photography, custom iconography, typography, button style and navigation. We guarantee the style guide matches your organization's branding and distinguishes itself from your competitors.

4. Development & Technology

Site development is where the magic begins. Our development team sets up hosting, back-end and front-end. Next, we ensure your product is optimized for favorable search results across every platform and is fully responsive no matter the user's device. We also focus on including rich content that boosts your site's all over quality score.

5. Quality Assurance

Before launching the website, we put our coding to test by addressing all of the final polishings, workload balancing and compatibility across all browsers and platforms. No element goes untested - we put each component through a painstakingly comprehensive examination.

6. Launch & Post Launch

Once everything is working beautifully, we plan and execute your site's launch. Our work just doesn't end with the website launch; in fact, after that, our marketing team puts into effect a long term strategy that helps to bring qualified leads, grow customer loyalty and ensure a high return on investment. We also perform post-launch maintenance checks that reassure your website performs consistently, issue-free and delivers the set goals.

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